LGC is part of the INRA Animal Genetics Division and is also affiliated to the Toulouse Veterinary School. We are located near the city of Toulouse, France.

Research Activities

Research in the lab aims at acquiring knowledge on the structure and functioning of livestock species genomes, with particular focus on the Pig, small ruminants (sheep, goat) and various avian species (chicken, duck, quail ...). We contribute to the characterization of the genetics underlying complex traits (production, robustness ...), in particular to help improving breeding methods and managing livestock populations. Our missions are:

  • to provide tools to develop genetic, cytogenetic and physical maps of animal genomes.
  • to contribute to the characterization of animal genomes in terms of structure, sequence, expression and polymorphism.
  • to study the present structure of livestock populations and infer the history that led to this structure
  • to localize and eventually identify causal mutations influencing complex traits.
  • to identify individuals carrying favorable gene-forms (alleles) in livestock populations.
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